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Lawton, OK Water Heater Repair & Installation

water heater install replace repair lawton okYour water heater is an integral part of the way your home functions. If you've ever spent a day without hot water, you understand its value and importance. At Wichita-Snider, we repair, replace and install new water heaters in dozens of homes and we can make sure your water heater is exactly what you need.

There are several things to consider when purchasing a water heater. One is size. If you ran out of hot water fairly often with your old water heater, chances are you could benefit from a larger tank. There are also many different brands to choose from. Our plumbing experts will discuss the pros and cons of different manufacturers to help you choose the right water heater for your home and family.

Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters require regular maintenance to perform properly. As they age, they collect sediment and calcium buildup. If allowed to collect at the bottom of the tank, this buildup can become deep enough that it insulates the burner preventing it from heating the water efficiently. Not only will you not get as much hot water, but an article in a national ASPE plumbing journal reports that for every half inch of sediment on the bottom of a gas fired water heater, 70% more fuel is required to heat the water. Water Heater manufacturers recommend having a professional plumber give your water heater a tune-up annually to prevent buildup, check the anode rod and make sure all the connections are tight. This will ensure a steady supply of hot water and extend the life of the water heater.

Water Heater Safety

Because a gas water heater uses a pilot light, there is always an open flame. Homeowners must take precautions. Make sure there are no sources of flammable vapors such as gasoline, paint, heating oils, lighter fluid or propane near your water heater. Also, keep the area around your water heater open and free of clutter, especially aerosol cans, boxes, household cleaners and trash. It sounds like common sense, but because many basements are essentially a holding place for items like this, you'd be amazed at the dangerous things we see. Perform a visual check of your water heater every month or so. If you notice any leaks from any pipes, call us for a check up to have the leak repaired.


Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and can result in an explosion. Always take them seriously.

  • Do not use open flame to try to light any appliances.
  • Do not touch any electrical switch. This could cause a spark. Don't even use the phone.
  • Evacuate your home quickly.
  • Immediately call the gas company from a neighbor's house.
  • Follow the gas company's instructions. If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department.


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