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Backup Power Generator Install and Replacement in Lawton, OK

power generator install replace lawton okWichita Snider installs backup generators for the electrical needs in your Lawton area home. What do you do when the power goes out in your home or business? If it's for a short time, there's no need to worry. But what if you lose power for hours? During a power outage, a generator makes sure the most important items like lights, refrigerators and freezers, sump pumps, even space heaters and window air conditioners are up and running, minimizing any disruption to your life. Wichita-Snider can install a power outage backup generator in your Lawton home.

Backup Generators Give You Peace of Mind

All standby generators run on natural gas or LP gas, or diesel fuel. They simply require a connection and an outdoor location. Once installed, you really don't have to think about it. It will start automatically-even if you are not home. Your power generator is ready to go in the event of a power outage. Within ten seconds of a power failure, the transfer switch takes your home off its main power supply and "transfers" it to the auxiliary power supply provided by the standby generator. Then the power is distributed to the appliances, equipment and lights that you have preselected. Lawton homeowners who have had a power generator installed say they really like knowing they are covered if they would lose power for any reason


Get the Power Back Quickly and Easily with an Emergency Backup Generator

An emergency power outage backup generator will automatically restore power to your house in seconds. When the power goes out, the generator automatically starts and continues to run until power is restored. In simple terms, the generator generates the power, the transfer switch tells it when to operate, and the distribution panel determines where the power goes.

What Size Generator Do You Need?

Backup generators are installed outside the home and wired through an automatic transfer switch to the main electrical panel. You can choose a generator that delivers enough power for the entire house (including air conditioning) or go with a smaller unit that powers a few selected items like the refrigerator, sump pump, furnace fan and several lights for basic survival. Standby system capacities range from 6,000 Watts up to 40,000 Watts. It just depends on how much you need powered and what your budget is. Call us for more information about backup generators at (580) 536-5820.


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