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Drain Cleaning Services for Lawton, OK

Clogged sinks and drains are a pain for any homeowner in the Lawton area. Wichita-Snider can help! We specialize in drain cleaning and sewer cleaning services. Our skilled plumbers and state-of-the-art drain cleaning equipment means we'll have your plumbing problems solved in no time. Call us for the following drain problems:

  • Clogged Toilet lawton drain cleaning, clogged toilet, clogged sink, clogged disposal, clogged shower
  • Clogged Sink
  • Clogged Disposal
  • Clogged Shower
  • Clogged Bathtub
  • Clogged Sewer Line

Special Drain Cleaning Equipment

Pipes are hard to see in, so that's why we have special cameras made especially for pipes. We send the camera deep into the pipe to locate the clog and get a better idea of where and what the problem may be. Once we locate the clog, our special motorized rods can remove the clog and get things flowing again. When you call Wichita-Snider, you'll get fast and accurate drain cleaning help.

Sewer Cleaning Services

There's not much worse than a backed up sewer. At the first sign of trouble, call Wichita-Snider so we can find the clog fast and hopefully avoid a mess. We'll send our state-of-the-art hi-def server camera in to find the clog and remove it quickly. Sewer clogs between your home and the street are the homeowners responsibility and you want to get those cleared as soon as possible. Call Wichita-Snider for any sewer clog problems in your Lawton home.

Tips for Avoiding Drain Clogs

Toilets – The biggest problem we see is "flushable" baby wipes. No matter what the packaging says, you should never flush these type of wipes. They simply don't dissolve and they will cause problems with your pipes.

Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks/Tubs – The trick to properly plunging a kitchen sink with two sides is to plug one side to seal. Otherwise, you'll never get the vacuum you need to plunge effectively. Same thing goes for bathroom sinks and tubs. You must plug the overflow hole in bathroom sinks and tubs to get a good air seal for plunging them.

Disposal – Flushing your disposal once a month will help to clear out any leftover debris. We recommend plugging the sink and filling it all the way up with water. If it's a double sided sink, plug both sides and fill them both all the way up. Then unplug them both at the same time. The force of the water will wash any debris out of the pipes keeping them flowing freely for years.

Call Wichita-Snider's expert plumbers when you have a clogged drain. We'll be there fast, locate the clog and have it cleared in no time. Call us at (580) 536-5820.

We serve a 50 mile radius around Lawton, Oklahoma, including these cities:
Altus, Apache, Anadarko, Chickasha, Duncan, Marlow

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