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Lawton, OK Indoor Air Quality Company

People spend almost 90% of their time indoors, so not only is it important that your home is comfortable temperature wise. It's just as important that the air you're breathing is healthy. The EPA estimates that indoor air pollutants can be up to 60 times greater than outdoor air pollutants. At Wichita-Snider, we have the solution. Our team can handle the following:

  • Humidifier Installations
  • Humidifier Service and Repairs
  • Dehumidifier Installs & Service
  • Media Filters
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Electronic Air Filter Installations
  • Whole House Energy Analysis
  • Duct Cleaning

We can install filters that will kill most bacteria and catch allergens. We can also install humidifiers that keep the humidity at the proper levels all year round. Finally, we can install programmable thermostats to keep the temperature in our home comfortable and save you money on your energy bills.

What Causes Indoor Air Problems?

indoor air quality programmable thermostat humidifier install lawton okIndoor air pollution sources release gases into the air and are the primary cause of indoor air quality problems in our homes. Additionally, high temperature and humidity can increase concentrations of some pollutants. The fact that today's homes are built to be "tighter" and more energy efficient means that even less outdoor air gets into the home than before.

We Provide a Personalized Air Quality Control Plan

Wichita-Snider has specially trained comfort and indoor air quality consultants who will visit your Lawton home and identify any problems affecting your indoor living environment. They measure your airflow, humidity levels and air quality using diagnostic instruments. Once they identify the problems, they will give you a personalized plan to solve them and get air temperature, humidity and pollutant levels in your home where they need to be.

Call Us for Humidifier Install or Replacement in Lawton

Not enough humidity can cause many problems in your Lawton home. When your furnace runs all winter long, it sucks the humidity from your home. Low humidity can cause dry, itchy skin, chapped lips, coughs and colds, bloody noses, and that annoying static shock. We can install a whole house humidifier and solve this problem. Whole house humidifier replacement or installation will keep the humidity in your home at the ideal level and you don't have to do a thing. We install the humidifier on your existing HVAC system and it automatically dispenses the right amount of humidity to keep your family comfortable.

Programmable Thermostats and Electronic Air Filter Install

If you'd like your home's temperature to always be where you want it, we can install a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats can be programmed to raise or lower the temperature when no one is at home during the day or while you sleep at night. Simply lowering the temperature setting by a few degrees will save you big on energy bills. We can also perform electronic air filter installs that will kill bacteria and viruses and trap allergens and prevent them from circulating throughout your home. Filter replacement will keep your family healthier.

After your Whole House Comfort Checkup, the air in your home will be a comfortable temperature, proper humidity level, less dusty, and overall healthier. Plus, your utility bills will be 10-50% lower. Call Wichita-Snider today, and we will make sure our experts provide the best solution for you and your comfort! Call (580) 536-5820


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